Bookings – Returns – Refunds

If you order a balloon from the website you automatically agree to our T&Cs. If you order direct with us and not through the website then you will be asked for a 40% deposit. Once this is paid you are then agreeing to our T&Cs.


If you have paid a deposit but decide to cancel the product 72 hours before the event you will not receive your deposit back. If you have paid in full and you have to cancel you will not receive the deposit back only the difference. This is because we may have bought items for your event or we could have booked that date out again.


If we are dropping balloons off to you then you will be asked to check the balloon is ok. Once we leave you have up to one hour to report any damages. If it doesn’t happen within this time it is not a fault with the balloon or any responsibility to us. If we are dropping balloons off and setting them up at a venue  we will take pictures in situ. Once this is done and we leave them all in place any damages will not be our responsibility.  The photos will be used to prove they were all in tact on delivery & any defects after 1 hour of set up will not be our responsibility as we don’t leave damaged balloons for customers. 


Refunds will not be given after the event for balloons been popped, damaged, deflated, or tampered with. All equipment used must be returned within one day/week otherwise will be charged for. This includes arch bases, column bases and any other frames used.

All damage deposits taken for candy carts or light up numbers will be returned to the client on inspection of our goods on return. If there is damage you will not get this back.

Customer Liability

We cannot accept responsibility for damage, to balloons or injury to persons, once balloons have been set up or delivered. If balloons have been taken outside after they have been delivered and they float away this is NOT our responsibility.

We cannot be deemed liable should any guests at your event have an allergic reaction to latex. (Prior notice can mean we can offer alternative balloons)

Customers should ensure children are suitably supervised at all times. Balloons are not toys. Any burst or broken balloons, need to be discarded immediately, as they could be a choking hazard.

Occasions Hub Ltd cannot be held responsible for any safety issues arising from the use of our equipment or balloons. (Any worries from our team will be dealt with on delivery)

Balloon Floating Time

Please be aware that any latex balloons normally last approx between Latex balloons last up to 12-14 hours without Hi Float unless treated with Hi-Float (this is an additional cost). If treated with Hi-Float a latex balloon will last approx 20-26hrs dependant on room conditions e.g. too cold or too hot. We cannot Hi float confetti balloons and these do have a shorter floating time.

All latex balloons must be ordered for the day required as we cannot refund you for ordering these for the day before you need them,  as we have made you aware of the latex conditions.

With this in mind please make sure that you order latex balloons on the day you require them not the day before.

**NB: By paying for the deposit or full amount you are in agreement with the above terms & conditions – any queries please state before payment. Thank you

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Bronze £95

The following in any theme or colours.
• X6 Sets of 3 Latex Balloons Ideal for tables
• Choice of a Feature balloon* (*Feature balloons are:)
• x1 Stack Or X2 34” Number/Initals helium filled
• x2 Themed Banners
Add a Balloon Arch ideal for buffet table, For £35.00