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Airloonz Refillable Balloons - Various Designs

Airloonz Refillable Balloons - Various Designs

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Customer: I noticed these Airloonz Balloons have self-sealing valves and can be inflated with air only. Just a heads up, they won't float if filled with helium.

Shop: That's correct! Airloonz Balloons come with a set of matching foil Mylar balloons, which provide a sturdy base for the main balloon to stand upright. Each Airloonz has two points for inflation, one at the top and one at the base. You can inflate them using the provided straw or a balloon pump. We also include an elastic strap for easy placement. If needed, you can use a balloon weight or any household item to stabilize the balloon. These balloons are supplied inflated and can be reused. When you want to deflate them, simply use a straw.

Customer: Great! How much do the Airloonz cost?

Shop: The price is for the Airloonz balloon and it's supplied inflated. We also offer local delivery for your convenience.

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