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Personalised Money or Message Balloon

Personalised Money or Message Balloon

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"Surprise awaits! Make your gift extraordinary with this special balloon.

Imagine the joy on their face when they receive it!

You have the power to add a lump sum of money, ensuring a memorable present.

Let us know the amount you wish to give, and we'll carefully place it in small packets inside the balloon tail. Now comes the fun part!

The deco bubbles have small balloons inside and they are personalised too, adding that extra touch of thoughtfulness. When you hand it over to the lucky person, be prepared for their face to light up with pure delight.

Oh, and if you're feeling extra romantic, we offer a special option for Valentine's Day. Instead of money, we can include the words 'I Love You' or 'Marry Me' inside the balloon packets. It's a heartwarming gesture that will leave them speechless. And here's a little secret: this balloon surprise is not limited to special occasions alone.

If you're whisking someone away on a holiday adventure, why not make it even more exciting with this incredible surprise? The possibilities are endless, and the joy is guaranteed. Get ready to create unforgettable memories with our magical balloon surprises!

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